Hitman 2 – Die skoot is hoog deur!

HITMAN™ 2 is IO Interactive en Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment se nuutse poging om die storie van Agent 47 te hernu in so ‘n manier dat spelers hulle teikenmerke met so veel kreatiwiteit as moontlik kan vermoor! Dis ‘n massiewe sandbox wêreld wat jou geleenthede gee om vindingryke maniere te gebruik om jou teikens te beëindig. Hier is wat die kritici dink van die nuwe iterasie.

Critical Hit – 9 / 10

 ‘Hitman 2 feels like a macabre collection of dominos falling and eventually toppling one final piece in a gloriously “accidental” death that can best be summed up as an act of god when the dust has settled. A game that’s more about the journey than the destination, Hitman 2 is lengthy, gruesomely charming and still hiding plenty of secrets up its immaculately dressed sleeves.’ Lees die volle resensie hier.

SA Gamer – 8.5 / 10

Hitman 2 isn’t a revolution, it’s a refinement of what worked and an irresistible package of worthwhile and replayable content. Creativity and audacious planning is rewarded and options are given for any potential playstyle from the casual murderer to the gilded assassin. With even more content planned for the future and the plethora of challenges and modes to take part in, this is one game that satisfies all your assassination needs and more. Some slight performance problems and a throwaway story does hobble it a bit, but make no mistake, this is the definitive Hitman experience in one convenient and polished package.’ Lees die volle resensie hier.

Venturebeat – 91 / 100

That’s the heart of Hitman: giving players the power to create their own stories. And that’s as big and powerful as ever in Hitman 2. So I don’t care if it’s not the newest thing in the world. It’s still one of the most solid and rewarding games you can get. And it’s an ideal antidote to games that are more obsessed with looking immersive than playing great.’ Lees die volle resensie hier.

USGamer – 4.5/5

Hitman 2 may just be more Hitman, but it’s somehow even better than before. The levels are all fantastic, the assassinations possible are all clever (and silly), the satirical writing is at its best. The assassination sandbox has never been more satisfying, and its slight technical hiccups and lackluster multiplayer do little to hold back the baldest assassin of them all. Even in your sixth or so time prancing through a map, you’re bound to discover a new opportunity, or a new potentially-weaponized surprise, around the corner.’ Lees die volle resensie hier.

Glitched – 8.7/10

In the end, Hitman 2 is one of, if not the best assassin games I have ever played. With tonnes of freedom and replayability, excellent gameplay that allows for player creativity to flow and an abundance of ways to kill your targets, Hitman 2 shines in every aspect we wanted it to. It is a big step up from the 2016 Hitman and although the game isn’t revolutionary for the franchise, it is a prime example of how to do a sequel well by expanding upon and improving most aspects.” Lees die volle resensie hier.

Meer oor HITMAN™ 2:

Berei jouself voor om die indrukwekkende spioenrillerverhaal te ervaar – jou eind-doel is om die ontwykende Shadow Client te beëindig en sy militia te ontrafel. Maar sodra jy jou teiken se ware identitieit ontdek asook die waarheid oor 47 se verlede, sal niks ooit weer dieselfde wees nie.

HITMAN™ 2 is nou beskikbaar op PlayStation 4 en Xbox One landswyd.

Ben is 'n Labrador wat daarvan hou om videospeletjies te speel, op te lees oor tegnologie en hou van lang, romantiese stappies op die stran... eh... sypaadjie.


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